About sl.digital

What it's about

Hi, I'm Susan.

I help tech-based companies create engaging written content in American English designed to increase their global visibility and reach new audiences. 


Good content levels the playing field by enabling startups and entrepreneurs to find and build their tribe, and to grow and compete better in the global marketplace.


Raised in the US and working in Europe for 20 plus years, I enjoy helping emerging French tech companies get noticed globally. 

With a background in corporate marketing and communications at IBM and TI, I have a thorough understanding of the tech market and know what it takes to champion a client’s needs.


When you're building your startup there is often so much to do that how you communicate in writing is often overlooked.  Yet, in today's content-driven environment, communicating well in writing is a necessity.


Everything is content. Think blog post, e-book, white paper, Twitter post, website, the list is endless. It is the entire user experience.  


Words tell the world your company's unique story.  


So, here's the question:

is your company telling its story from a unique perspective, with a voice and style that stands out.


Words matter and they are often an undervalued asset.  

Ready To Build Great Content

Whether you’re an emerging tech startup or a more established one,

let me help you create American-style content.  


sl.digital adapts to your needs.  


Go beyond traditional translation.  I can help your company

adapt French content into English, or create original content in English.



Companies will no longer be judged by how big they are, but on the value they bring to their customers, employees and community.


And on a focus on social and environmental issues.


To champion the underdog.


The small fish in the pond.


To believe that every company counts and should be seen and heard.


Champion companies and entrepreneurs who promote:



And, who strive to make our world the best it can be.

Communities are built on startups, small companies and entrepreneurs with ambition, a dream and hope.

We all need to pitch in and make a dream come true.


The startup with big ideas

The woman entrepreneur no one believes in

The creative out to change the world

The one everyone calls crazy

... maybe even you.