Company Bio & About Page

Build a Tribe

More Why than What

Present a consistent description of your company across channels.

The Company Biography is a consistent and concise description of a company.  It provides teams throughout a company the text for a wide range of uses and ensures consistency when presenting the company externally.

Equally important is the About Page on your website.

One of the most viewed pages on a website, it presents the full picture of a company.

A well thought out About Page talks to potential customers.

Most visitors to the About Page are new and will not know your company.

Not only do they want to know more about your products and services, they want to know if you share their values and beliefs, and how you can solves their pain points.

Get them in your tribe by sharing your brand's story.

Tell a story that focuses on your company's mission.  The inspiration for starting the company.

In other words, your company's 'why.'

Loyal customers buy the 'why.'

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