Strategy Consultancy

The Essential

Content Building Blocks

Strategy plays an instrumental role in a Content Marketing program, no matter the size of a company.

There are six building blocks and each plays an important role and impacts each block.

That said, a company's content marketing will continually evolve to reflect audience knowledge, marketplace dynamics, new products and services, competition, and overall fast pace changes in markets.

Client projects sometimes need a specific subset of these services, before tackling the actual writing of content. helps its clients - especially those without an in-house content marketing team - to fully leverage content development by offering a simplified consultancy service.  Ideal for smaller startups and companies.

Content Strategy

An overall content strategy is the high-level vision of the how and why.  It guides your future content development so as to deliver against a defined business objective.  


It defines the internal guidelines and governance of all content.


In a nutshell, it guides the creation, delivery, and governance of content, even content outside of content marketing.

Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy is a plan for building audiences through the creation and publishing of consistent content designed to meet specific marketing objectives.  

Content marketing looks specifically at the sales cycle and fits content within audiences' journey from awareness to conversion.

As content marketing is part of marketing, content created works in conjunction with other marketing teams.

Content Planning (specific to content for marketing purposes)

Customer content tailored to position your company as an industry authority, build client trust, increase conversion rates, and generate traffic leads, and sales.

It maps out topic, audience, timeline, distribution, call to action and measurement, for example.   


Content Creation

Custom content tailored to position your company as an industry authority, build audience trust, increase conversation rates, and generate traffic, leads and sales.

Content Management

In content marketing, how content is managed needs to respect the overall company content strategy governance guidelines.  

Within the realm of content marketing, content created is an asset. Hence, it needs to be managed.

Just as the creation is important, the management is equally important.  

Content needs to be pertinent and relevant to an audience.

Good management means removing content no longer relevant, updating relevant but old content, and ensuring distribution is done effectively.

In essence, content management across teams is essential for curation, distribution, and reuse.

Content Analysis

Beyond basic analytics, content analysis is the deep dive to ensure content created and distributed is relevant, useful and purposeful to the target audiences. And meets business objectives and ROI.

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