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Connect with your tribe with a consistent flow of content to boost traffic and fuel the company pipeline.  Includes 32 blog posts, online content style guide, brainstorming session, editorial calendar, and social media promoter copy. 

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Up your company's blog to a new level

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8 blog posts

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Freshen up your website with new content or edit existing content. Adapt French website copy to American copy.

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Build top-of-funnel audiences with regular, high-quality content designed to emphasise your company's unique technologies and knowledge, and increase search exposure.


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Equip your teams with an easy-to-use editorial style guide to ensure consistency in words, style, and tone when writing in English.


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Accentuate your company's knowledge through articles and guest post to expand your audience reach.

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Nuture your audience and build your subscriber list through consistent content.

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Present a consistent description of your company across channels. 


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Drive leads with ebooks, white papers, and case studies that showcase expertise, unique technologies and customer testimonials. 


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Outsmart your competition with marketing content strategically designed, planned, created and measured.  

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