Editorial Style Guide

The Essential

Not your grandma's grammar

Your brand is a valuable asset.  How it is presented to the outside world is fundamental to maintaining brand value. How you speak to customers in the written form builds trust and identity to your brand.

The essential tool for a company, an editorial content style guide helps employees and external agencies write clear and consistent content across channels.  Thus, ensuring the unified voice of the brand.

Beyond basic grammar and style, it gives your brand its voice in words.

Think of it as the company's creative word guide.  Truly indispensable.

Companies today produce a vast amount of content per day.  Who produces and distributes externally this content spans a widening number of teams.  Whether it is sales, product support, or even the CEO, the tone and usage of words can impact how the brand is perceived.

These multiple stakeholders creating and distributing brand content play an important role in the brand's image.

Depending on your company, a editorial style guide can ensure, for example, outbound emails, blog and social media posts are written to include specific pieces of information and follow a consistent style and tone. Product and service descriptives are consistent, and grammar and word usage are harmonious.

An editorial style guide can be especially beneficial for international teams writing in English as their second language.

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